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Aransas County Long Term Recovery Team

317 N Pearl St. Rockport, TX 78382

(361) 790-9496

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Ownership Interest and Grant of Right of Entry for Debris Removal or Demolition Activities

Property Address *
Undersigned certifies they/he/she are/is *

The Property Owner(s)/agent authorize(s) the City/County of Aransas, the State of Texas, and the United States of America, their respective agents, successors and assigns, contractors and subcontractors (collectively, the “Governments/Contractors”) to have the right of access and to enter the property above specified for purposes of performing debris removal as it is a public health and safety threat OR for demolishing structures local authorities have determined to be unsafe due to the declared major disaster FEMA-DR-4332-TX.

Governments/Contractors will perform the following work: *
If for Demolition: Mortgage and Insurance Adjuster Information
If for Demolition: Mortgage and Insurance Adjuster Information
If for Demolition: Other Liens/Encumbrances on the Property

Government Not Obligated; No Expense Except For Insurance Proceeds

The Property Owner/agent understands that this Right-of-Entry does not obligate the Governments/Contractors to perform debris removal or demolition.  Governments/Contractors will access the property under this ROE if the work has been determined necessary in accordance with Federal, State, or local regulations.  The Property Owner(s) will not be charged for the work conducted by Governments/Contractors.  However, if the Property Owner receives insurance proceeds or compensation from other sources for debris removal or demolition, the Property Owner’s obligation is set out in the section below, entitled “Avoidance of Duplication of Benefits:….” 

Government Indemnified and Held Harmless

The Property Owner(s)/agent agree(s) to indemnify and hold harmless the Governments/Contractors for any damage of any type whatsoever to the above described property or to personal property and fixtures situated thereon, or for bodily injury or death to persons on the property, and hereby releases, discharges and waives any and all actions, either legal or equitable, which the Property Owner(s) has/have, or ever might or may have, by reason of any action taken by Governments/Contractors  to remove debris or demolish unsafe structures.

Avoidance of Duplication of Benefits: Reporting Debris Removal/Demolition Money Received

Property Owner/agent has an obligation to file an insurance claim if coverage is available.  Property Owner/agent understands and acknowledges that receipt of compensation or reimbursement for performance of the aforementioned activities from any source, including Small Business Administration, private insurance, an individual and family grant program or any other public or private assistance program could constitute a duplication of benefits prohibited by federal law.  If the Property Owner/agent receives any compensation from any source for debris removal or demolition activities on this Property, the Property Owner/agent will report it to the City/County Department.

Are you Insured? *
Property Owner(s)/Authorized Agent Current Address *

Because you are indicating that Demolition is required and that a Mortgage is present on the property we must have your Mortgage Company Contact Details; Please provide as much information as you can so that we may verify and confirm authorization for demolition activities with your Mortgage Company.

Because you are indicating that Demolition is required and that other liens and encumbrances do exist on the property address specified; we must have their contact information. Please list the contact details and type of encumbrance or lien on the property below.  We must confirm authorization with these stake holders prior to any demolition activity being performed.